Acquaintance Haikus

There’s an acquaintance

that I have no knowledge of –

I call him Sidney.


He likes to call round

at inopportune moments

and brings me flowers.


He stays for minutes –

barely time for a cuppa –

then he toodles off.


I count down the hours

until he returns once again

a bunch in his hand.


I don’t like flowers,

or Sidney, or Sidney’s hat;

they make me feel sad.


One day – not today –

I shall answer the front door

wearing just a smile.


This may do the trick,

or it might encourage him,

who can tell these days?


When Sidney passed on,

I cried for a long weekend,

and felt my time called.


Forty years later,

I still think of old Sidney,

and his horrible hat.

3 responses to “Acquaintance Haikus

  1. Life is short, take a chance …

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