Round and round the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran


and round

and round



the rugged rock

the ragged rascal ran.

“Why am I doing this?” asked the rascal

of himself.

“I’m going to wear myself to a…

well, cinder, might be the word.”

The rascal considered the word ‘cinder’

as the rugged rock

was ran around


and again.

“Or run myself ragged?”

hypothesised the tiring rascal.

Unknowing that the ragged rascal

was already at that stage.

“Phew!” gasped the ragged rascal.

Then the ragged rascal caught site of the quick brown fox who was jumping over and over and over

the lazy dog.

“The world we inhabit is such a strange place!” called the ragged rascal to the quick brown fox.

“Yes, very strange indeed!” agreed the quick brown fox.

The lazy dog just carried on with his idleness.

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