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Crikey! A Tricky Reiki Haiku! (or two)

This just might not work:

I have an eerie feeling

that reiki needs hands –


a hands-on approach

that reaches the unknown parts

others can not reach.

The Mevagissiat

Perched on top of an unruly head of hair, and an even unrulier head, the Mevagissiat had a better view than most.

‘If only I had eyes!’ thought the Mevagissiat; and lo and behold the Mevagissiat had eyes.

‘I can see!’ said the Mevvagissiat, and saw all the things around: the seagulls,the boats, the people, the people on the boats, the seagulls looking down upon the people on the boats.

The Mevagissiat looked and looked and thought, ‘if only I had a mouth, I could sing about all the things I’ve seen!’ And lo and behold the Mevagissiat had a mouth.

And now the Mevagissiat could sing, and did – but not that well, the Mevvagossiat was ‘not’ a good singer.

As any that happened to cross it’s path would testify.

No Small Matter – Piku #3

This must rhyme


Worlds will crumble.

Saturday – Piku #2



nearly over.

Spinny Things

Spinny Things

dot the landscape,

take my breath away,

and face the oncoming

with all the calm

that a monolith can muster.

All breeze and bluster?


but, never the cause of a wind-up.

A Piku?!

Piku #1 (3-1-4 syllables)

I ask you,


is a ‘Piku?’ “

To be a Bee?

To be a bee,

or not to be a bee,

is a hard question

for the likes of me;

because I’m a bee

and have to be a bee;

I have no other choice,

than be a buzzy bee,

do you see?


I might like to be a camel,

if I had the chance;

but, one hump or two?

And what does a camel do?

I think I’ll stick to being

a bee,

and keep on beeing,

it seems the thing

for me.

Off to the Beach

I’m off to the beach

to teach the young dudes

how a planet occludes.

No, not really;

I’m taking the dogs

for a walk,

and to teach them to talk.

No, not really;

actually, not the talking part,

just the walking bit.

Just a quick poem to keep a poet’s hand in

Don’t expect too much,


even though I,


haven’t lost my touch,

this is poetry

and not tag-wrestling.

Stream of Consciousness Haikus… Not!

I write all these words

without counting the ayllables,

or editing, what could go wrong?


There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

No fuss, no bother, just write;

and see what happens.


Actually, not too bad,

if you’re not counting on quality,

or counting syllables.


This could go on all day,

unless the Poetry Crimes Police get involved.

Oh, oh! Here they come!


I’ll go quietly Officer.