In groups of four

A story written in—

groups of four words—

that stops and starts—

in the middle of—

sentences – thus halting the—

flow, and causing the—

reader to get angry.

If the reader doesn’t—

get angry, it is—

thought to be a—

problem on the reader’s—

part, and nothing to—

do with the writer.

2 responses to “In groups of four

  1. It looks as though- I must choose my – ending. I do like – to have the ending – decided for me. These – ‘ it might be this – or it might be – that’ tend to disappoint. I like to know – whether or not I’m – meant to be feeling – angry, sad or happy. So maybe you’re right – and I’m feeling angry. However I don’t think – you are the kind – of person to want – to make someone angry. So now I’m confused. What sn interesting – experiment that proved to be.

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