“well?” said the chimney

“well?” said the chimney,

“Yes, chimney?” said the well.

“You, are just a hole in the ground!’ stated chimney.

“I am.” replied well.

“And I am a tower reaching into the sky.”

“You are.” agreed well. “You could say that we are opposites?”

“I could.” answered chimney.

“And opposites attract?” well posed a thought-provoking theory.

chimney mulled this over for a moment.

“well, I do find you a little bit… enthralling, but we are like chalk and cheese—“

“Sweet and sour—“

“Tick and tock—“

“Flim and flam—“

“Rock and roll—“

“Ping and pong—“



“So, what do you say about us getting together?”

“Well, chimney, I’ll check my diary and see if I can fit you in.”

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