boBob and boBeep May be going to the Moon – Revisited.

boBeep: Hello, boBob!

boBob: Hello, boBeep!

boBeep: Where are you going to in such a hurry?

boBob: I am going to the Moon!

boBeep: The Moon?

boBob: Yes, The Moon!

boBeep: How are you getting to the Moon?

boBob: I’ve got a ticket!

boBeep: A ticket?

boBob: Yes! A ticket to the Moon.

boBeep: Oh… I’d like a ticket to the Moon.

boBob: I’ve got a spare one.

boBeep: A spare one? A spare ticket to the Moon?

boBob: Yes. I had a voucher for a BOGOF offer.

boBeep: A ‘BOGOF’ offer? For a ticket to the Moon?

boBob: Yes. I bought one ticket for the Moon, and they gave me another ticket for the Moon free.

boBeep: Free? A free ticket for the Moon?

BoBob: Well, I had to buy the first ticket, so not really ‘free’.

boBeep: Oh. How much was ‘your’ ticket?

boBob: My ticket was free.

boBeep: So, my ticket would have been at the same price?

boBob; You wish.

NB any similarities between Eccles and Bluebottle are purely of my own fault. G:)

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