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The Bird who thinks it’s a leaf

It’s almost beyond belief,

but I’m a bird

who thinks it’s a leaf.

I perch on a branch

and sway

sometimes for as long

as a day.

The other birds laugh at me

in the Winter –

in the Summer I’m harder to see;

and in Autumn and Spring

I’m just doing my thing;

so, please leaf me alone,

let me be.



is not having dined

upon animals, fish, or fowl;

but being mindful,

of how

you live your life,

and provender your dish;

I wish to find

that all are


that is my wish.

The silent seagulls soaring skywards

“ ‘The silent seagulls soaring skywards—‘ “

“Ooh! sounds like a poem!”

“Could be.”

“What’s the next bit?”

“The next ‘bit’ is,

‘aloft, upon the breeze, breathless blown—‘ “

“No, it’s a bit too frilly for my liking. Can’t you make it into a Limerick? That would be better.”

“I could, but it would lose any noble quality that it has.”

“That’s as maybe, but it’ll be a lot funnier.”

“Oh, dear. ‘There was a young seagull from Looe,

Who got caught in a ‘How-do-you-do?’,

It welcomed all sorts,

to one of Cornwall’s fishing ports,

and only stopped when the season was through.’ “

“Needs work.”

“Thank you Mr. Poetry Critic.”

“You’re whelks!”

“I suppose I am.”



My feet aren’t warm

my hands are cold,

a sign, they say,

of growing old;

my body heat

is such a treat

but at times

my extremities

feel like they freeze.

My feet get cold

and stay like ice,

and defrosting them

is never nice,

It hurts to thaw

to melt the floe;

but this is life

and age does show.


include my nose,

and that gets red

and I call it ‘doze!’

The Pineapple in the Room

No one is talking

about the pineapple in the room;

and the pineapple

is saying nothing.


Strange days.

“well?” said the chimney

“well?” said the chimney,

“Yes, chimney?” said the well.

“You, are just a hole in the ground!’ stated chimney.

“I am.” replied well.

“And I am a tower reaching into the sky.”

“You are.” agreed well. “You could say that we are opposites?”

“I could.” answered chimney.

“And opposites attract?” well posed a thought-provoking theory.

chimney mulled this over for a moment.

“well, I do find you a little bit… enthralling, but we are like chalk and cheese—“

“Sweet and sour—“

“Tick and tock—“

“Flim and flam—“

“Rock and roll—“

“Ping and pong—“



“So, what do you say about us getting together?”

“Well, chimney, I’ll check my diary and see if I can fit you in.”

Harry Haiku 6 & 7


“They’re fresh in today!

Still warm, and full of goodness,

nothing is stale here!”


“And… special offer!

Buy two, get another one

for the price of two.”

Harry Haiku 4 & 5


“I’ve got funny ones,

and, some, really serious:

three bob a Haiku.”


“And if that’s too dear,

I have a range of seconds,

only sixpence each.”

Thomas by Riverside Peace

The smell of fresh coffee teased my nostrils. I entered Daisy’s Café below the row of offices that overlooked a noisy intersection on Charter Row. …


Harry Haiku 2 & 3


“Harry Haiku here;

writer of some top class rhymes

for the connoisseur.”


“You do need Haiku!

Well, you’ve come to the right place –

what sort do you want?”