“Hey! Where are the Poems, Dude?”

“Hey! Where are the Poems, Dude?”

I know,

there seems to be a non-glut

of my poetry lately;

but, it’s there for a reason –

‘tis the season to be jolly,

prancing around with a sprig of holly,

loitering under the mistletoe,

wrapping last-minute presence of mind,

with recycled tarpaulins.

Actually, I don’t know why

the Poetry Well seems to be dry,

perhaps I filled too many buckets,

and now there is a need to replenish the source-code (mental note ‘Ode to a Source-Code’ –

and then rejoin my journey

upon the Geode less unravelled.

“Excuse me? Does any of this make sense?”

No, not really – it’s just one of those

stream-of-consciousness writes

I suppose.

Anyway, my New Yurt’s resolution

might be to relight the poetry 🔥

and give you what you most desire …

a decent poem from me.

Well, maybe not quite your

most desirous thing –

but, who knows

what the future will bring?

5 responses to ““Hey! Where are the Poems, Dude?”

  1. Who, indeed, knows what the future may bring …

  2. But we do know that if we don’t write, we wither and watch the words disperse, taking a piece of our inner selves with them into the compost of the soul.

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