In the Yurt 2525

Ziggy Zager and Evie Evans we’re doing some serious glamping in Far East Cornwall for a week towards the back end of the season, when the weather changed for the worse.

“Hey, Zigs!” expressed Evie, “The weather’s changed for the worse!”

Zigs looked out of an alternative window to the one Evie was peering through and observed that it was indeed so.

“It might be a duvet day, Evs! Certainly not a day for exploring the locale.”

Luckily, the yurt they were in had a decent log burner and a plentiful supply of fuel. Building up the heating so it could be self-sufficient for a fair old time, Ziggy and Evie headed back to the safety of the bed.

All around the glamping site many others were similarly bunkering down for the foreseeable.

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