Lost Property Ladder

I was climbing up

the lost property ladder

one day,

when the phone rang.

I stopped upon the very rung

that I had been stepped upon,

and answered the call –

not of Nature, for that would be rude –

no, the call upon my phone.

Luckily, I was a loan,

and could be easily paid off,

by and by – the rate wasn’t too high.

There was nobody there …

just a voice,

asking me questions;

questions that I didn’t know the answers to.

Such as:

How tall is the second tallest giraffe?

Where does a sea end and an ocean begin?

How many are there?

I put the phone down,

and realised I was twenty feet up –

like an upturned twenty-footed creature –

my phone defied gravity

and hung there in mid air …

for all of ‘no’ seconds.

I realised that trying to climb

the Lost Property Ladder

was something an Adder

would shudder at the thought of doing.

So, I climbed back down again.

What an adventure!

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