Linda G Hill’s #SoCS

SoCS – Puzzle

See here for Linda’s SoCS page.

Okay, let’s go. Puzzle? Well, I am sorely vexed as what I am to write upon this subject.

I have not tried one of these SoCS for a while, and my 10-minute writing skills may be a tadpole rusty. I have written much since last I tried this, and much of that has been a puzzle to the world at large (in miniature) – my words leave them wanting less, it seems. And another thing, my puns seem to be going out of nuclear fashion. It always confused me when somebody said that they liked my words, but not the order that I put them in. They called me a ‘wordsmith’ or some such phrase, and I was inwardly happy and outwardly ‘Hey, thank you! But, they are just random words that I put into a random order!’ I then found myself the poorer by my reversal to the inwardly-seeking introvertive and introspective writer of poems and doggerel.

I have, upon occasion, tried using strange words to mix it up – but that just confuses me (and any prospective reader) Badriomaku is a word (look it up) and it’s one that I made up. It puzzles people (periodically) that you can still make something from nothing – but, Latin scholars would tear my new word apart due to its lack of… anything like a derivation.

So, I sit here upon my Gervular (just made that up, too) and dwell upon how long 10-minutes actually is. By all accounts my timer should go off now, but sometimes my calculation of time is out by a few seconds or minutes, so I am now writing Freestyle, with little or no purpose.

I suppose I could now fath*om out the world’s problems, but alas …

*10-minute timer went off here

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