What is Poetry?

What is Poetry?

Poetry is a six-letter word,

the equivalent of one and a half swear words,

or six indefinite articles.

There is no ‘I’ in poetry

(not the way I spell it)

and it ends in ‘try’.

There is a ‘Y’ at the very end,

but that questioning letter

just leads to an unanswerable conundrum,

wrapped up in an enigma,

and cooked on a low heat

for a million years.


Poetry is…

but, why?

There is no reason,

not always a rhyme,

and time after time,

we shake our heads

and dismiss the words

that amuse us not

with their allusions,

and their alliterations,

and their… other poetic devices.


Poetry is…


and always will be –

let that be a comfort to you,

as you fill your blowpipe with Morning Dew.

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