The phone rings – #DialogueForAPlay

SFX the phone rings

SD DC Acey picks it up

DC Acey: Hello. (Listens) Okay, thanks.

PC Leaves: Who was it?

DC Acey: Control.

PC Leaves: What did they say?

DC Acey: They’ve found Dud.

PC Leaves: Yay!

DC Acey: That’s a little inappropriate.

PC Leaves: It is?

DC Acey: Yes, in the circumstances.

PC Leaves: But you said they said that they said that they had found Dud.

DC Acey: They have… but Dud’s Dead.

PC Leaves: Dud’s Dead?

DC Acey: That’s what they said.

PC Leaves: Dud, he’s dead.

DC Acey: That’s what I said

SD into the song ‘Dud, he’s Dead’.

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