King of the Bees



The King of the Bees!

You might not have heard a lot about me,

I’m not a well known bee;

but, on my throne,



am alone.

That’s the problem, you see;

I ‘am’ a mythological bee,

consigned to history,

as a legend,

a myth (not a moth, a myth)

a marvellous creature

that never existed.

Which is why

I have hereby enlisted

the majorly modern media medium



to establish my existence.

And, by avid persistence,

I shall regain my reign

as the leader of BeeKind.

Soon, my friends,

you will find

the Queen Bee


to a footnote in the mystery

of ancient Bee history.


‘KingBee, King of the Bees!’


“Your Majesty, if you please.”

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