Imagine how much sound a centipede would make if they wore tiny flip flops

Well, for a start,

centipedes would have to be moving,

not posing for a still life

in a class full of art;

or, if attending an awards ceremony,

the red carpet might impart

a degree of silence.


The ‘flips’ and the ‘flops’

could be muffled

if centipedes shuffled,

or hopped upon one set of feet

or the other.


Perhaps they could tip-toe

(even in flip-flops that might be possible)

and keep the noise down low.


And, is a ‘flip-flop’ the same as a ‘flop-flip’?

Is there a Centipedal ‘Flip-Flop’ Championship?

And, if a Centipede ‘flip-flops’ in the forest

when nobody else was around…

would that make a sound?


Anyway, I don’t think that Centipedes

would ‘flop’ and ‘flip’

they are not the sort –

they are far too hip.



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