Never having written upon the subject of ‘The Koala’

Never having written upon

(or been bitten by)

a Koala;

I feel that the time is now right

to write, somehow,

a bit about the cuddly type

of marsupial

that is more asleep than most

and only wakes at the hint of toast

with Vegemite spread –

and only then, if it doesn’t mean

getting out of bed (figuratively, of course).

And, yes, I know

that their diet is just the leaves of the Eucalyptus

(don’t try it)

and that they don’t really (normally) eat Vegemite;

but, what is a poet to do

when they just haven’t got a clue

about the habitats and habits of Koalas.

Best to make stuff up –

wouldn’t you?

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