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If you breathe in,

hold your breath

for five seconds …

and, slowly,

breathe out.


If you breathe in,

hold your breath

for ten seconds … …

and, slowly, very slowly,

breathe out.


If you breathe deeply in,

hold your breath

for as long as you can … … …

and, slowly, very slowly indeed,

breathe out.


If you breathe deeply in,

hold your breath,

as we have practiced,

and very, very slowly

(as a gentle breeze alighting upon a butterfly’s wing)

breathe out …

whilst breathing in …

(as we have honed to perfection)

and singing a delicate top A …

you can

(In all probability)

keep that note going for …

… ever.


I was counting on the sheep

to get me to sleep;

but, they bleated about

like a rain shower in a drought;

and then the roof leaked.


To say my curiosity was piqued

was to speak about me

and my inquisitive self;

and it’s best not to do that;

leave nosing on the shelf

and pretend not to see.


Whether I am or not

is a moot point –

as some moot pointed out to me

the other day,

or maybe a century ago –

it was one or the other,

I uncertainly certainly do not know.

Summer 2021

Summer was grand

(when it eventually arrived)

and we had such a glorious day

(we’d been waiting –

since about February, I would say)

and it was as good

as any Summer that we could remember

(apart from it only lasting twelve hours)

and the next day, and the next day,

(we were back to those showers)

“Welcome, November!”


Older than the oldest thing ever,

and in pretty good nick

(for its age)

the years add to its presence,

the diaries add depth to the page;


in being a living antique;

and here in this rhyme

let’s give it up for the legend that is, ‘Time!’

Three Silent Cyclists

Three cycling cyclists,

six spinning wheels,

no one spoke.

Ode to O.O.O.

I’m sorry if you needed a prompt reply,

but I wasn’t here,

and that is why

no one spoke.


I left a notice upon the door,

but the door fell down,

and, now, upon the floor,

it reads, O.O.O.

not a smiley face,

but a frown.


So, if you want

a fast response,

a quick reply,

feedback at once,

you might be out of luck,

because I’m O.O. the O.

doesn’t life suck?

Awakening from a dream…

From when I was asleep,

a partial dream I keep

about the issues there were

regarding the length of the bridge

that we were building

across the ravine.

I thought it should be longer, stronger;

and the other wanted it to just reach.

I said it would be okay

during the day;

but, when the night fell,

so would the bridge.

I was asked what did I mean:

and I replied, ‘that if the bridge

only just reached this side,

and only just reached the other side,

when night fell and everything contracted

from the length it had reached

when to the Sun it had reacted,

the end on one side,

and the end on the other side

would decide to let go

and fall into the ravine

down to the river below.’

I was laughed at;

until, that very night,

I was, sadly, proven right.

Planet Poetry

‘My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles.’

8 lines using the letters M,V,E,M,J,S,U, and N to start the lines. These letters are taken from the order of planets as they are from the Sun.

The line above is an example (not by me) of a saying to this effect, but can you pen a poem using these letters in this order?









Here is a silly example:

‘Planet Poetry (You do the Maths)’









Swapping Tales

A young man trying to do an old man’s job met an old man trying to do a young man’s job – they swapped their tales; and, afterwards, both were better able to do their job.

Leaving Do

I had a leaving do,

nobody came but you;

and then you left –

that’s the sort of thing you do,

and I was left …