Worker Bees

Could a worker bee

be a key worker?


Not a locksmith type;

but an essential employee,

Not a shirker,

but an industrious soul;

who, on the whole,

plants their feet

and gets down to the beat

working to the rhythm of the buzz-saw heat;

with a band of brothers;

and, amongst so many others.


“Fingers on buzzers…

for a bonus of five:

‘Can a bee be said to be,

or not to be?’ “

as they sing,

whilst upon the wing,

‘I will survive

the thrive of the hive!’


Maybe, in all probability,

a bee ‘can’ be

a worker bee –

now do you see?

3 responses to “Worker Bees

  1. The most essential of all workers, and the benefits to humans is immense. Such a little creature with the weight of the world on its wings.

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