Poetry property

I want to live in a poet’s house,

like a little field mouse

living in a…



I want to have an ‘upstairs’

and a reciprocal ‘downstairs’

connected by an Escher staircase,

which might

(or might not*)

take me from the one

to the other.


I want to live in a poet’s head

the wide-open spaces,

the crazy, made up places,

and the inmates…

oh, the inmates.


I want to live where secrets are spread,

where skies uphold dragons’ wings,

and seas can turn from blue to red;

where things are created by the thought of them

and stories lead to adventures and wonder

under those skies.

And there will always be something new

to be said

about the imminent pandemonium

of a poet’s head.



*It won’t

2 responses to “Poetry property

  1. If you don’t live in a poet’s house, does that mean you live in the dark alleys, homeless, wandering?

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