Strength (10th) & Favourite Scent (11th)

Strength (10th)

I am not strong,

and tag along

at the back.

I have a lack,

of strength,

and the knack

of behaving

like a fledgling

under attack.

I surrender to all

and sundry,

and go asunder

under fire.

I aspire

to be more than I am,

but know,

that what I am

is what I’ll be,

there is definitely, absolutely, no SuperMe.


‘Favourite Scent’ (11th)

The smell of napalm

(at any time of day)

is not my favourite scent;

and the smell of cherry brandy

is not to be sought,

as my intent

is to avoid cherries,

I have an allergic thought reaction

to those berries –

if berries they are.

So, what is my favourite scent?

Old books. Of course.

And especially one written upon

Greybeard the Norse.

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