Amber doesn’t rhyme with Orange

Amber doesn’t rhyme

(for any perceptible amount of time)

with Orange.

It rhymes with Camber,

Alhambra (whoever he is)

and Bamber (wherever that is)

and, possibly, some other words;

but, it does not rhyme with Orange.


Yes, Amber is, technically, Orange;

but, spelled very differently –

as you can tell

by the way they spell.


There are a lot more words

that Amber doesn’t rhyme with,

and even more than that

that Orange has no rhyme to;

but I shall not enlist them here,

as I think that I have made my point

loud and clear.

2 responses to “Amber doesn’t rhyme with Orange

  1. You definitely brought the point home. Nicely written. 😁

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