Sloths with Scones

‘Jam on!

Jam on!

Jam on…

… first!’


Two Sloths;

one was loathe to preach

against the beliefs of each

of the two competitors;

but, ‘a Scone is a Scone

and a Scone is a Scone!’

as one will moan

until the other has gone.

The other sloth grabbed a cloth

and wiped its eyes,

‘There is no difference!’

It had been quick to surmise,

‘It is ‘not’ how you pronounce them,

or us,

that matters a jot,

nor whether it’s the jam

or the creams that clot that goes first

It’s just… words that you say,

and shout, and defend;

listen: when they,

and us, have all gone

will that be the end?’


It seems to me

that the Sloth / Sloth

and the Scone / Scone

will be less of an issue

when they are all gone.

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