“Post a Poet, Today!”

Post a Poet, Today;

you can help to get him on his way;

stick said Poet in an envelope,

add a name, address;

then just pop on a first-class stamp,

and post him, to Inverness;

or wherever you hope to send him –

you can ask him if you like;

but, I’m not sure he’ll show any interest;

he just wants to travel –

as the words in his mind unravel –

aboard a train, in an aircraft’s hold, upon a Postie’s bike;

and he’ll garner skills and words;

that he wouldn’t find in his own back yard;

and, ‘An accent always adds an air

of academic learning.’

as was once said by an alliterative Bard.

Send him ‘second class’, if you wish;

he will not mind, he is a waxing-lyrical sort of writing type;

a strange concoction, one weird fish;

Poet’s aren’t normal – ignore all that hype, discard all the waspishness;

for one who rhymes all manner of things;

is decidedly over-ripe – yes?

And if his voice still with poetry sings;

give his brain a little wipe;

or the dust that clings

to his muse may cause,

an over-heating

of Boyle’s Laws;

and may, in essence,

exacerbate whatever flaws that lie within –

if not, he will surely take it upon the chin.

Parcel Post may be the thing,

wherein to dispatch the conscience of the rhyming king;

wrap him in the finest coat

of paper, bubble-wrap, and string,

and note the destination, reference code,

so that you can follow the Poet’s route,

as he travels train lines, air, and dusty road.

Post your Poet, today –

a little impetus should see him on his way.

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