“What’s ‘Poetry’ when it’s at Home?”

“What’s ‘Poetry’ when it’s at home?”

I was asked.

Tasked with this question

(to which I had no ready answer)

made me unsteady on my unsymmetrical feet.

“Poetry, when at home, is…”

I paused, allowed my mind to roam.

“… like a Spring morning…

… combined with a dawn chorus of birds…

… and topped off with a cloudless sky,

the fragrance of sweet meadows,

and a landscape of gently rolling valleys.

“All bundled into an impenetrable format of rhyme scheme, syllables, rhythm, and poesy.

“Does that help?” I ask.

The questioner had long since departed to a place of safety… and sanity.

“ ‘Oh, to be a poet, now that April’s here.’ “

3 responses to ““What’s ‘Poetry’ when it’s at Home?”

  1. Poetry, when in the comfort of home, is the kinetics of emotion in motion using no more words than is essential to portray the feeling.
    It is the briefest form that evokes the strongest effect in the invested reader.

    In my opinion, anyway.

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