The Gazebo Effect – Revisited.

My doctor suggested that I tried one of ‘these’.

He told me to stand under it

Once a day from September to May

(But, it’s only now I remember,

He actually said it the ‘other way round’).

So from September to May

I stood, every day

Underneath its shade, white and blue,

As you do,

Until at last I was assured

That my illness was cured

And I came back inside for a cuppa.

And the doctor, he called,

And spoke:

(that was when I re-called the instructions) 

“It’s May the First;

So, out you go!

Aren’t you glad that we’ve finished with snow?

So much fell

In the last eight cold months

I haven’t actually been outside once!”

So, with my cuppa in hand

I acquiesced to demand

And stood in the garden once more

And the Sun shone upon

And with my illness ‘still’ gone

Was it any surprise when I swore?

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