Monthly Archives: May 2021

‘Breakdown Elevku’

‘No more’, I say.

‘Stop, before the wheel falls off!’


NB a two-line Elevku using a 4-7 syllable format.

‘Cornish Elevku’

From Saltash to Bude,

Land’s End and back:



NB still a three-liner, using 5,4,2 syllables. Ty with a Cornish outline. G:)

What is an Elevku?

“What’s an ‘E-lev-ku?”

“It’s a poem.”

“Oh, gross!!”


NB this Elevku is leas of a poem, more a dialogue perhaps it can be categorised as a ‘DialoguElevku’. It uses the 5,4,2 syllable format, but still with the three lines (something I will come away from soon). Please try your own ‘E-lev-ku’ and let me know how you get on. G:)

Rainy Saturday – an Elevku

The rain falls –

not all upon me –

but mostly..

NB a three-line, 3-5-3 Elevku.

Flutterday – an Elevku – which is an 11-syllable poem.

Every day

is a flutterday,

for me.

NB this Elevku uses the 4,5,2 syllable format over three lines, but as long as there are 11 syllables you can have anything from 1 to 11 lines. G:)

Friday Alliteration Haiku

Friday feels funky,

as the weekend approaches,


Alphabet Browsings Cause Dangers.

I had only just started reading the alphabet the other day, when I was bitten by an angry bee, these things can only happen to a poet like me.

A Butterfly Has 6 Eyes – revisited:

I have been told

that a butterfly

has six eyes;

however, ‘Biuititieirfily’ is, obviously, quite wrong.

Anne Haiku

I am Anne Haiku;

that is my birth name, you know –

I never married.

My jeans (I fit them) – a song!

I got into my size 34 inch jeans

and you know what that means

I lost a bit of weight

I’ve gone from a 9.7 to a 7.8

whatever that means.


But, I got into my jeans

I got in to my jeans

and I’m singing a song

singing it all so well and so wrong

but I won’t be singing

a song if the weight goes back on.


I got Into my size 34 inch jeans,

And you know just what that means

I lost a bit of weight

Down from a 9.7 to a 7.8

Whatever that means


I’ve still got a muffin tap

so I know that I just can’t stop


oh, too much cake,

too many candles,

I’ve still got some lovely love handles on me

I’m not getting any younger, you see.