Ladies queueing for the Loo(e Island Boat).

There they were,

in a long line,

staring at the sign

for the boat to the Isle.


With laughter in a queue,

as happy people do,

with many a smile

and a chuckle.


Ready to float,

on a tiny wee boat,

from Looe they’d sail

to the island;


and for an hour, nay two,

they’d wander fro and to,

in the sunshine’s rays,

along narrow meandering pathways,

on a small rock of land,

located in the bay of the twin towns of Looe.


A memorable day,

singing, ‘sail away, sail away, sail away’,

and back to the mainland, all too soon;

then toddle off home,

no more to roam,

by the light of the silvery moon.

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