Henry V – #NaPoWriMo2021

Henry, once said,

‘I’d be better off dead!’

to his wife, when Catherine asked him the date.

Fifteen twenty-two,

with a victory or two,

and Henry six all too ready to rule,

Henry gave up the ghost,

from the place he loved most;

and soon he was lying in state.

He had ruled for a while,

was buriéd, in the Abbey, in style;

and was our most heroic king – that’s no boast.

Shakespeare wrote him a play,

which is still acted today,

where he defeated the foe with such flair;

for when Prince Hal when a lad,

he’d had sore words with his dad,

but he was better by far to compare.

His reign though ‘twas short,

and his son’s future reign fraught;

when he to history brought

savoir faire, with a little je ne sais quoi to spare.

Now, when we look back,

we regard his attack

as a thing of pastimes,

way back then;

but, to this kingliest of men

we must still make our rhymes,

for who knows if we’ll see his like

ever again –

do ‘we’ live in such interesting times?

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