List Poem (not so much a poem, more a bit of a list) Revisited.

2M extension lead.

ended up with 3M sort –

better too long

than too short.

3-pin plug.

Decided not –

as happy with the 3M lead I got.

Connector for waste.

Struggled to find;

nearly went out of my mind,

until I found an expensive kit,

that includes the relevant bit.

PS then I found a cheaper kit,

still with the relevant bit,

so, I bought it.

valve for water supply 3-way.

Got a connector that will do the job,

at a cost of four pounds

and (nearly) ten bob.

T-piece 15mm.

After finding the previous item

(which would do just fine)

decided not to make one of these mine.

A doodah.

Too expensive

(I said to myself)

so I left it loitering

upon a sturdy shelf.

All in all,

a successful trip,

took quite a while,

now I’m ready for a kip.

NB a ‘bob’ is a shilling in old money; and a ‘kip’ is a deserved sleep required for the recuperation of the soul after any shopping trip.

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