Moons – What sort of moon does your planet have?

A New Moon?

A Blue Moon, on which to croon?

A Honey Moon for two moon?

A Jelly Moon that sets ‘too’ soon – or, not at all?

No Moon?

Or a Poet’s Moon? (which is a Rhymer’s moon,

that shines in June).

An Old Timer’s Moon, that isn’t the same as once it was, and you don’t know why – it’s just, because!

A Gibbon’s Moon, which is like a Gibbous Moon, but, spelt differently, as is Gibboon.

Or, do you have more than one Moon?

numbering from two to a thousand,

which would surely be a sight to make a statue of Hecate swoon?

A Moon made of Cheese?

Moons strung up in threes? like a slimmed down Newton’s Cradle.

Or a Moon in the shape of a ladle?

Not all Moon’s have to be round;

some, it has been surmised (but has never been found) could be square like a cube;

or long, hollow, and thin, like a tube.

Moons that have planets orbit them, reversing the roles?

And Moons with holes? Already prepared for the planting of poles – from which flags could wave in the windless atmosphere, of a New World not quite so Brave.

Any Moon in a storm,

would not really be the norm,

but with just the one between us and the Sun…

NB Other Moons are readily available: Button Moons, Harvest Moons, and so on… G:)

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