‘A numb3r5 p03m’

Three is a Magic number;

four is one more than three;

five is two more than three, and one more than four;

five and four— I’m sorry, this has become something of a numbers thing; and, if you’re not really into numbers, or poetry, then this probably isn’t ‘your’ thing…

anyway, for those of you that like 4002÷7 (which, incidentally, is still quite a large number)

I shall continue…

five and four make nine,

most of the time; but, possibly not

in a nonsense rhyme.

Six minus seven makes toffee.

Where are the negative numbers when you need them?


… a three walks into Bar 15 five times.

4 responses to “‘A numb3r5 p03m’

  1. where did the numbers gross out? sounds like the place to be

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