Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – Codpiece Shinola

Will and Ben: Renaissance Men – ‘Codpiece Shinola™️ (or ‘Something of a Poisoned Chalice’)

One day (in the Tudor Merchants ™️Ltd. workshop):

Ben: Hey, Will, I’ve just invented a special new product: ‘Codpiece Shinola™️’.

Will: I’ll be over right away, Ben, this could be our big break.

Will soon agreed that the product was special. The marketing boys were put on the case, and, within a week, the sales team had started receiving orders.

The English Mercurie ran an article on the

‘Miracle Polish for Tarnished Codpieces!’,

with the tag-line,

‘There’s The Rub!

…and sales boomed.

Then the bubble burst.

Not enough testing had gone into the product. Complaints started coming in thick and fast; law-suits were raised and Ben and Will, and their ‘Codpiece Shinola™️’, found themselves dumped by Tudor Merchants™️ Ltd.

It seems that, although ‘Codpiece Shinola™️’ gave a fine shine to tarnished codpieces, after an initial positive response from the users, the lustrous codpieces had started to shrink – some people had to be taken to hospital for surgical removal of the offending items!

Ben and Will sank into something of a decline and waited for their Golden Age to begin again.


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