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Where are the seagulls?

I saw them


in the sky


flying so gracefully by

coming in close

and then climbing so high

where are the seagulls

that I photographed…

…was there




Beginning, Middle, and End Senryu

At the start is ‘At’,

and in the middle is ‘mid’

the end word is ‘end’.

Ashton on the Line (A Teddy Bear in Uncertain Situations).

“You’re a bear!”

“Obviously. Bears look like me, I look like a bear; the reason being… I am a bear.”

“But, you can talk!”

“As can you – fun isn’t it?”

“But, I’m ‘not’ a bear!”

“No, and that is your loss; there’s nothing much that I can do about your parentage, now that you’ve been born and raised by… humans!”

“But, you can talk!”

“Haven’t we established that? My, you are a weird one.”

“No. Well, yes; but, what I mean is… you are a talking bear.”

“We all talk.”

“In English?”

“Ah, I see where you are becoming confused. I am talking in ‘Bear’, you, on the other paw, are hearing in English. Life can be funny like that.”

“How… ?”

“And now you are talking in Native American, and I am hearing in Bear. Do you speak many languages?”

“A little of some, and not a lot of many.”

“Bon. Quelle jour est-il?”

“Um, Thursday, I think.”


“Does it?”

“Oh, yes; I am a big fan of H2G2.”

“I quite like H2O.”

“I assumed you would. Do you travel this way often?”

“No. In fact, this is the first time I have been here.”

“And the last?”


“No apologies needed; but, it’s not good to meet a bear (albeit a talking one) in the woods, is it?”

“”No, I suppose not.”

There is a pause of some few seconds.

“Should I run?”

“Do you want to?”

“I feel that I must.”

“Okay, at least you could say that you made an effort to escape your fate.”

“To whom would I say that?”

“Oh I think you would have to have a soft, short conversation with yourself.”

“Right. Thanks.”

The traveller set of at a breakneck speed – which term gained considerable aptness as a twisted root is negotiated with all the elegance of a camel waterskiing.

“Oh, well, that’s a bit of a shame.” said Ashton the bear, returning to his perusal of the vegetation nearby.



My ancestors were

agricultural labourers

and fisherfolk.

They tilled the land,

and toiled on the sea,

and their children’s children’s children

helped give birth to me.

And I fell out of my ancestree

‘A numb3r5 p03m’

Three is a Magic number;

four is one more than three;

five is two more than three, and one more than four;

five and four— I’m sorry, this has become something of a numbers thing; and, if you’re not really into numbers, or poetry, then this probably isn’t ‘your’ thing…

anyway, for those of you that like 4002÷7 (which, incidentally, is still quite a large number)

I shall continue…

five and four make nine,

most of the time; but, possibly not

in a nonsense rhyme.

Six minus seven makes toffee.

Where are the negative numbers when you need them?


… a three walks into Bar 15 five times.

Moons – What sort of moon does your planet have?

A New Moon?

A Blue Moon, on which to croon?

A Honey Moon for two moon?

A Jelly Moon that sets ‘too’ soon – or, not at all?

No Moon?

Or a Poet’s Moon? (which is a Rhymer’s moon,

that shines in June).

An Old Timer’s Moon, that isn’t the same as once it was, and you don’t know why – it’s just, because!

A Gibbon’s Moon, which is like a Gibbous Moon, but, spelt differently, as is Gibboon.

Or, do you have more than one Moon?

numbering from two to a thousand,

which would surely be a sight to make a statue of Hecate swoon?

A Moon made of Cheese?

Moons strung up in threes? like a slimmed down Newton’s Cradle.

Or a Moon in the shape of a ladle?

Not all Moon’s have to be round;

some, it has been surmised (but has never been found) could be square like a cube;

or long, hollow, and thin, like a tube.

Moons that have planets orbit them, reversing the roles?

And Moons with holes? Already prepared for the planting of poles – from which flags could wave in the windless atmosphere, of a New World not quite so Brave.

Any Moon in a storm,

would not really be the norm,

but with just the one between us and the Sun…

NB Other Moons are readily available: Button Moons, Harvest Moons, and so on… G:)

A Haiku for You

A Haiku for You

seems to me a bargain swap –

I shall miss you lots.

Weird Nonsense

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory has been melted down;

the Iron Man has been smelted – frown;

Stig of the Dump has had something of a silent career

in a television program called top gear

And ‘High Noon V’ is a movie hit, the producers, they high-fived it; although it was a remake, of a remake, of a remake… of a remake,

it was every bit as good as the first; but, not quite.

And the new release of the film ‘A Man With No Name’ was pretty much the same, except the title character had a given name, he was called Thomas, for many unknown reasons –

perhaps he is man for all seasons.

All this and more,

although what it means,

I am totally unsure.

I wrote it,

and you can quote it –

if you want to.

PS I found out whilst writing this that there is, strangely, a connection between ‘High Noon’ and ‘A Man For All Seasons’ that just happened to be – weird indeed! G:)

The Poon-ji-ba

Many moonbeams ago,

in a land

where a reluctant ‘Yes’

meant a definite ‘No!’

a Poon-ji-ba stood

by the side of a stream,

as if in a dream,

until it was time

for it to go.

The Giraffe in the Room

“We’re not talking about the giraffe in the room, we’re talking about the elephant in the room; the elephant that everybody has so conveniently chosen to ignore; the elephant that— the giraffe? There is a giraffe in the room? How high is the ceiling? And, more to the point, what’s the giraffe doing here?”