At The Moth Ball

The room was ablaze with the stellar light which emanated from the central chandelier, and the moths gaily danced in pairs around its aura; some moths, at the periphery, awaited their chance to join in the considered melee of the night, others were still arriving.

it was an Invitation Only event, but invites had been freely sent, and many, many RSVP’d, hence the hustle and bustle; some had arrived early, others were punctualness personified, then there were the stragglers, the latecomers, the ‘I had to wait for the babysitter!’ type, who were tardy to a lesser or greater fault.

However, there was a spaciousness to the room that allowed many to freely dance their dance, and many more to await their turn.

An entwined couple flew too close to the light of the chandelier, and had to be treated for their hurts, the Moth Paramedics treated them with great skill, until their wounds were wound with welcome wrappings.

The music of the night rose and fell, the dancers twisting and twirling, hurling caution to the wind as they lived for the moment; the flittering of wings added a swishing sound to the music, it was almost as if we could hear Cinderella happily sweeping the floor of her kitchen.

When the night was finally over, the moths having eventually danced until they could dance no more, the Dawn arose, and the new day brought a distinct ending to the Moth Ball.

“Here’s to the next one!” voiced one moth to another, as she flew back home to recover.

2 responses to “At The Moth Ball

  1. How lovely. i could see it ….and not the tiniest mention of camphor. Oh, sorry!

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