One-Word Poem.

I tried to write a one-word poem,

but I couldn’t get it to rhyme;

I kept on trying for many years,

but, it took up so much time.

I tried to write a one-word poem;

and finally gave up;

I tried, and failed, as a poet does,

when there’s nothing in his cup.

12 responses to “One-Word Poem.

  1. Witty, and should I say, enjoyable.

    • Thank you, Shanyu; and, if you enjoyed it, then enjoyable is a good word to use. G:)

      • My absolute pleasure. I very much did. I was just wondering how a cool poem it was! We have gotten so used to deep dark poetry, that such fun poems are mostly overlooked. They are just what we need in the darkness though.

      • I might write less dark poetry than ‘proper’ poets do – my quirky poetry road is my default mode – I do try to amuse, but often confuse.

        Take care and stay safe – G:)

      • That actually rhymed! Haha.
        I actually went back to your blog. As I have put it, I haven’t enjoyed such quaint poems in a long time. These are really upbeat, and normally not my forte. I cannot get to write humor!

        Take care. Have a fantastic day.

      • Thank you – I seem to have a quirky brain, I think laterally and just follow where my silly muse takes me. So glad you liked my poems –

        busy at mo, but I always try and pop across to check out others words – I shall do so in the next day or so.


      • I caught that. But it’s no bad! I sometimes wish I could think that way.

        No worries mate. I hope you are alright


  2. whence within the empty pit is light seen above

  3. Hanky-panky is a rhyming one word poem. There now, and is full of inuendo!

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