The Curlew Curfew

“You must be in by eight o’clock!”

his mother said to him;

but Curly wanted to stay out late,

until the day was growing dim;

“You hang out with a naughty crowd!”

his mother added then,

“And spend your time in paddling!”

Mother, was such a mother hen.

“And don’t eat too much,

you’ll spoil your tea,

and try to keep your feathers clean,

it’s a shame you can’t be like your dad,

as a role model, you should be glad

to have him for your father,

but, no, you’d rather chat all night

with the gulls…

… but, that’s alright,

for a youngster like you,

I suppose you have to spread your wings,

my son, Curly Curlew,

for you, there will be ‘no’ curfew.”

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