Henry and the Hare

‘Henry and the Hare’

Henry was out in the gardens of Hampton Court one day, looking around and about, an intense look upon his kingly visage.

Wolsley waddled across the lawns towards his king and protector, with a concerned look upon ‘his’ face.

Wolsley reached the spot where Henry was ferreting about under a hedgerow, and, holding his religious zeal in check, asked Henry, ‘What are thou aboutst, my Lord?’

Henry looked up at the crimson cloud standing above and beyond him, ‘I am seeking a hare, as you suggested I should.’

Wolsley calculated the possibility of keeping his head when all about were losing theirs.

‘It would make the basis of a goodly pie, my Lord; but, perhaps we can set some of the kitchen-hands upon this quest. It is perhaps a trifle unseemly for you to be… ummm, searching through the undergrowth for a gregarious burrowing plant-eating mammal, with long ears, long hind legs, and a short fluffy tail.’

‘Perhaps you are right, for once, my round minister.’ Henry stood up and brushed off his mink and ermine outfit – adroitly giving a nifty rub to his shiny codpiece. ‘Did you mention ‘trifle’? I could just go a snack, it must be time for elevenses’.

‘It’s always time for elevenses, my Lord.’ said Wolsley under his breath.

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