Job Interview – A further instalment in the Adlestrop Sequence.

See here for my original Adlestrop Sequence

I want a job as a passenger.

A passenger?

Yes, a passenger, preferably upon a train. I don’t mind doing a full day’s passengering, but I’d like to miss the rush hours, and I’m not too keen on the Underground. So, a leisurely, all-stops-stopping route where I could start near to my home, and finish… near to my home would be just the job.

Do you live near to a railway station?

Oh, yes. I live very close to Adlestrop.


Yes. It’s a brisk walk. Most convivial to the health.

Okay. I shall process your application, and I expect we shall be in touch.


I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Okay, thank you.

Good day!

Ticket’s please!



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