‘The Writing Show’

“Come right in,

sit yerself down,

we’re just about to start;

Jim’s got a story ‘bout kindling,

and Madge has a poem ‘bout art;

there’s others here,

with stories that we’re

hoping that you’ll soon warm to;

and a poem or two,

about a woman, her shoe,

and the children that did live there;

what that poem’s about,

I haven’t a doubt,

it’s a dig at modern-day housing;

but it’s pretty in verse,

and it could have been worse,

if said in 24 stories

of carousing.

George has a sonnet,

about a lady, her bonnet,

and a 1952 MG TD Roadster;

the bonnet was red,

‘Can I respray?’ she said,

‘I’d much prefer blue,

if it’s okay with you,

or I’ll swap it

for a four-slice pop-up toaster’.

Which ‘was’ rather silly;

but I think she’d got chilly,

and thought that some toast would revive her;

and cars are dangerous,

as I’m sure you’ll agree,

and she wanted a slice,

with some jam for her tea,

and not for her parents to survive her.

Anyway, there’s plenty to hear,

the start time is near,

and all of our writers have written;

and once you’ve heard

every scintillating word,

by the writing bug,

you, too, will be bitten.

First up, none too soon, is Dominic, with his ‘Ode to an Unwanted Letter, that dropped on my mat, when I lived in a flat, in Penpillick, on a Thursday in June’.


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