2020 BCE

About a year ago, whilst I was wandering around ancient Mesopotamia, I found an old, and well-worn, stone tablet, bearing an unknown inscription. The words, upon the stone, when I had carefully translated them, literally described a contemporary story that was written upon the stone’s surface sometime around the year 2020 BCE – and when I say BCE, I mean ‘Before Comedy Existed’ – and, it was written in a rare and unknown ancient Cuneiform form ; but, luckily, I am an expert in the deciphering, reading, and understanding of rare and ancient Cuneiform forms.

It actually says: ‘my neighbour’s dog, due to an accident with a plough-type instrument, is bereft of it’s nose, when I asked my neighbour how did it smell, he said…’ and here the writing becomes a little worn, but I think that I can make out the final word, it seems to say: ‘earful’.

And that was only two thousand and twenty years before comedy was invented.

It certainly makes you think.

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