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My ‘Nom de Plume’

My ‘nom de plume’

or ‘pen de name’

(they are, in fact,

both much the same)

that I use

for my writing

is like lighting a fuse,

or striking a match,

on TNT –

full of danger

and I am no stranger

to danger, you see…


only a fule,

breaks the golden rule

of not being pretentious


being… pretentious.

I am

one such

fuleish one.

Down the Looe!

My poetry has gone

down the Looe,

my life…

down the Looe,

when it’s do-able,

we do like to go

beside the seaside

to a town called Looe.

Upon the Banjo,

with a banjo on my knee,

though it’s cunningly disguised as a


playing my tunes,

with a nod to U2

it’s Madness, I say,

I’m playing ‘It must be Looe’

and it sounds like ‘it’s a Beautiful Bay’.

Say ‘Ling!’

Say, ‘Ling!’




We are saying ‘Ling!’

across the water

then home again.

How to make Lime Sorbet

Using limes,

imported from the Far East…

of Torbay,

along with a piece of your classier glacier,

place yer

ingredients in a bowl.

Mix thoroughly,

and decant the ensuing mess

into a serving tureen,

perhaps, for effect,

you could obtain the biggest tureen

ever seen.

Then spoon the Lime Sorbet

into those glasses that you get Knickerbocker Glories in,

and serve with a hint of mint,

and the slightest clue of Cordon Blue.

Then, sit back

and await

the compliments

of the house.

Credit where Credit is due.

“The bird wishes it were a cloud. The cloud wishes it were a bird.”

— Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali polymath (1861-1941). Number “35” from Stray Birds (The Macmillan Co., 1916).

“You should always credit the poet or the writer – it is only politer.”

Graeme Sandford (1962-20—), Responses to posts, 2020.

Dear Hive Mind

Dear Hive Mind,

with your Herd Immunity,

and your Hope leaching away,

are you still Happy?

Hope so.

A sad Haiku

“I just have to cry,

for my life is such a mess,

and my words they suck.”

NB The Haiku is sad,

not the poet who wrote it –

he is quite happy.


English / Cornish Haiku

“Hy lodrow o gwynn

a-ugh hy diwlin.” he said,

“Did ‘she’ dress to please?”

PS ‘Hy lodrow a gwynn / a-ugh hy diwlin’ translates as: ‘Her stockings were white / above the knees.’


It’s not the end of the world (as we might know it), but the end of the end – with all the bells and whistles ringing loud.

Today Haiku

Today, like as not,

is the first day of your life –

if starting from now.