1: I’ve got a Courgette 2-20 in the drive.

2: Hmmm. I’ve got a brand new Banango M5… in the garage.

1: Well, the Courgette, that’s just the wife’s runaround, there’s also my Aardvark Columbian Series 4 in the ‘double’ garage.

2: My ‘second’ wife uses the Banango to go to the gym – I have a Padre 3.6 or a 1947 Podcast Cabriolet for the school run (which I ‘never’ do) and a Camel Two-Seater open-top for my trips to the shop, the pub, or the golf club.

1: The Camel! So last year. I’m high on the list for the new Series 8 Poteen Exclusive – the 5-door, 7-seater, 6-wheeler.

2: The ‘Poteen!’ Isn’t that an Irish blended, post-modern version of the De Lorean without the gull-wings, but with gull-attitude?

1: Might be, but I had to get on the list – Cholmondeley-Brown has been on the list since April.

2: He’s the one with the Pravda Tempura, isn’t he?

1: Yes, the ‘Golden Chamber-Pot with the Red-Stripe’ we call it.

2: Ha! You’ll never see me behind the wheel of one of those.

1: No, but, I do believe they are making a driverless version for the American market.

2: Probably, and then they’ll come over here and drive you on the wrong side of the road.

1: As like as not.

2: Whatever happened to the good old fashioned family car?

1: it went out the window with the good old fashioned family.

2: Shame.

1: Yes, an absolute shame.

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