As I was going to… have to explain the difference between St. Ive and St. Ives.

As I was going to…

have to explain this matter

at some point or the other,

why not do it now?

I will.

I’ll tell you how

I differentiate between the two,

because someone might think that they are one

and the same –

perhaps that someone might be you?

St. Ive is a small 4-Part village

in South East Cornwall

situated between

Liskeard and Callington,

that’s where it is usually seen –

it is also pronounced to rhyme with leave,

weave, and Adam and Eve.

St. Ives is down near the toe

of Cornwall,

there on the North Coast it lies;

in a beautiful seaside setting

with shops and cafés,

and all manner of seaside things,

not forgetting that there is nursery rhyme

to help you pass your holiday time.

‘As I was going to St. Ives

I met a man with seven wives…’

and so on.

The trouble is,

St. Ive


quite like

St. Ives;

but, they are not really the same,

they just have a similar ‘looking’


Why it isn’t St. Ive

St. Eve…?

well, only my friend Steve

could answer that –

but, he would be wrong.

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