#SoCS #Nails @LindaGHill

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Nine Inch nails?

Or Nine-inch Nails (N.I.N)?




When it comes to nails

I keep mine in a plastic box (tub)

and they are all sizes.

Randomness within order.

I have tacks (not tacos) in there, too.

Roofing tacks they be.

And there are also some pins for things like picture hanging (“They don’t deserve to hang!”).

There may be some nails, tacks, or pins, that are not 100% straight (I have no problem with their orientation), but they are welcome to be there. I have – in another place – a receptacle for old, rusty, dodgy, unwanted (oh, no!) metal, so some old ironmongery does go that way.

I have in other places, more tacks (and possibly more pins and nails) that should be sorted into the one line organisational area – but… that is how I work, an element of inefficiency (IF on the Elements Table) and another of Organistaional Haphazardness (OH! on the Elements Table).

And then I go and try to pull the tablecloth out from under the crockery and cutlery that is there upon the tablecloth – which leads to… disaster.

“If I hadn’t nailed it to the perch—“

And so on.

I, too, am a nail-biter – but they taste all Irony – “Isn’t that Ironic?” (Fe on the Elements Table).

So, has this taught you anything about rhetorical questions?

I didn’t think so.

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