Is a Badriomaku a thing?

Is a Badriomaku a thing?

The below would suggest such a thing.

I created it

from my mind

and, now I do find,

a search for ‘Badriomaku’

(Note to self – what is the plural)

that a rural bumpkin,

is likely to discover

a new(ish) poetry form –

could it soon be the norm?

‘Protologism is a term invented in the early 2000s by American literary theorist Mikhail Epstein to refer to a word coined by an individual or small group that has not yet been published somewhere independent from the coiner(s). The word may be proposed, extremely new or not established outside a very limited group of people. A protologism becomes a neologism as soon as it appears in published press, on a website or book independent from the coiner. A word whose development stage is between that of the protologism (freshly coined) and neologism (new word) is a prelogism’

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