Monthly Archives: June 2020

Friday (I don’t mind)

I’m neither happy

nor unhappy

that it is Friday –

I don’t mind at all;

but, I know,

that there are some

who have been waiting

for this day to arrive

since last Sunday night –

which is alright…

if you like Friday;

which I neither do,

nor don’t –

or so I say.

At 01:42

At 01:42

I am writing a poem.

For me?

For you?

I don’t really know

who I am writing it to,

or for.

Then I stopped.

As it was 01:42

no more.

Xtreme Gardening – at the Poles.

I have two,

yes, ‘two’ gardens –

I am so blessed –

but, there is a distance between them,

and I have no rest,

as I go from one

to the other,

which is a round trip

of some forty-thousand miles or so –

and the climate’s not good

in either garden,

I have to grow frozen vegetables,

in the ice they harden;

well, at least they are ready

for the local farm shop –

to which place I stop

as I travel down:

Longyearbyen in Norway,

the nearest town,

or up to Ushuaia

in Argentina –

and you wonder why I wear a frown.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Every day is tomorrow,

until it becomes today,

and then quickly becomes yesterday.

A Haiku a Day

A Haiku a day

is too much for some people –

by just one Haiku.

Xtreme Gardening: In Babylon, about 600 BCE.

I have to admit,

that it’s a bit of a kerfuffle

getting to my garden;

there is a lot of hanging around,

waiting for a slot

on the Time Travellers’

Allotment Bus –

but, I’m not one

to make a fuss;

the journey is worth the wait;

and, I can also tell you,

that the Tower of Babel,

is definitely ‘not’ a fable.

Xtreme Gardening: In Zero Gravity.

In Zero Gravity,

no one can hear you scream,

as your secateurs float away,

and the herbs and vegetables

(that you so carefully planted)

disappear towards a distant galaxy

where the aliens shall feast upon them.

Xtreme Gardening; At the bottom of the Sea.

At the bottom of the sea,

there’s a deep-sea diver – me! –

with a trowel in my hand

(and a towel back on dry-land),

planting the seeds

in the soft sea-bed.

Xtreme Gardening: I’ve bought a little allotment

I’ve bought a little allotment,

an acre on the Moon,

peaceful, quiet (though the soil is none too good);

I haven’t actually been there,

I hope to get there soon.


“It’s so quiet here,

because we are all at home,

and our lives have changed.”