“It’s always Lunchtime somewhere in the World.”

As a wise woman

recently said,

‘It’s always Lunchtime ‘somewhere’ in the World.’

and she wasn’t wrong.

I wrote those words upon a till receipt,

sang them in a song, translated them into Swahili,

Ni wakati wa chakula cha mchana mahali pengine Ulimwenguni.

and then had that translation tattooed onto my little pinky.

where it reads – in Swahili –

‘It is one of the top eateries in the World.’

Such is life.

4 responses to ““It’s always Lunchtime somewhere in the World.”

  1. And right now is breakfast – cinnamon scrolls, lightly toasted, strong tea with milk, and a pot of stewed fruit for the porridge.

    • Sounds yummy! We went Mediterranean for tea with olive bread, feta salad and a Mediterranean style nut roast.

      It’s been a hot day here (for us) probably you are in the midst of a snow drift.

      Take care:)


      • No snow. Occasionally (about every 60 years), there’s a bit of white stuff up in the hills, but I haven’t seen it.
        It is winter tomorrow, and the rains are showing up a bit more often (more than the last two years in the last two weeks!).
        I like the changes of seasons, but not snow (except to look at in a picture of someone else’s place).

      • Well, stay safe and dry, and keep above the water level.

        I prefer the colder weather – can’t cope with the heat.

        Cooler now – 21:46 – just about bearable – we have now finished working in the garden – sit down and chill (fall asleep) in front of the TV.


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