A Passion for Plotting – a 10-minute #SoC write.

The crime scene was set,

the usual suspects had all RSVPd,

upon the dining table the petit fours were gathered in pairs,

at a side table the pears were floating in a strangely

poisonous concoction that defies description,

all else was as normal as a white elephant

stalling the Black London Cab that they had recently stolen.

Add in some detail.

Give everyone a motive – and an alibi.

Draw the chalk outline in expectation of the victim’s fall – similar to ‘pin-the-tail-upon-the-donkey’ and cut the telephone wires.

Sack the butler – it gives him more of a possibility of having done ‘it’.

Cable distant relatives, mentioning the huge inheritance, and the missing will.

Provide Cluedo ‘Detective Sheets’ for the guests, making sure that there is already a body in the library and sparkling cyanide on tap.

Sit back.


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