“Can Poets Make a Difference?” #MakeADifferencePoetry

“Can Poets Make a Difference?”

What can a poet



Okay maybe we shouldn’t go down that road –

leave it less travelled,

as you might say –

as we poets are a sorry lot,


apologising for this,

asking forgiveness for that,

and writing less about the other,

than the avid reader would like.

“But, can a poet make a difference?”

I hear you ask once again –

persistent little critiquer, aren’t you?

A poet can make many things…


Or describe a few.

He can make a sow’s ear out of a purse,

a simile sound just like a… similar thing,

or something quite dissimilar.

He’s like a magician with words,

juggling them like a juggler juggles…

juggly things.


I hear you whisper.

Well, give him a selection of vowels and consonants,

and a poet can make a ‘difference’-

Just, not quite the one that you really want.

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