Ronan Keating went to Limerick

Ronan Keating gave up eating,

and only drank fine wine;

when six days passed

he drank his last

and pronounced the word ‘divine!’

6 responses to “Ronan Keating went to Limerick

  1. That is perfect! Who is Ronan?

  2. You are the first person ever that I have seen with the name Graeme. Do you know Graeme Base? He is one of my favorite authors.

    • Graham / Graeme was a very popular name to be given to people of my age. I think I was named after Graham Hill. Graeme Base is not known to me – although (being a bass-player) Grae Bass was my local band stage name in the late 70s.


      • Ah, Graeme Base has numerous books. Some of them look and read like children’s picture books but for other books, that is just the facade. My favorite is The Eleventh Hour. There is one about a band – The Worst Band in The Universe. His illustrations are what drew me in.

      • I shall have a gander at The Eleventh Hour – thank you for the tip off. G:)

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